“Hello, I’m Daniel Reid.
By supporting me in the 2019 Federal election,you will be sending a clear message to the government that you want to see urgent action on climate change, protection of our environment, no corruption in government and social justice for all Australians. “


Daniel is fiercely passionate about the area and holds great pride in the way our communities have fought to protect our precious environment over many years. He is a fourth-generation Lismore resident currently studying Politics and Governance at Southern Cross University, at the same time as supporting himself in the hospitality industry.

He has been motivated to run for Page by his distrust of major party leaders and the poor standard of politics in general.
Daniel wants to see a Federal ICAC established to keep politicians honest, and not beholden to corporations that make big donations to parties.

In this area, we’ve won many battles – against CSG and the logging of key forest habitats. Yet as global warming increases at an even faster rate than predicted, Daniel knows that there is still much to do to protect our planet.

The Greens are the only party that prioritises the protection of our planet for the future.
The Greens also have the courage and the policies to stand up against inequality and lead the transition to a prosperous and sustainable economy.

By voting for Dan, you will have a strong and independent voice in Parliament, as the Greens aren’t beholden to big donors and corporate interests who want to buy influence.


E-mail: page@nsw.greens.org.au


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