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Meet Our Greens Candidates for
Lismore City Council

Mayor Vanessa Ekins

In 17 years as a Councillor, and now Mayor, I have developed strong relationships with Councillors, staff and our community, and have a sound understanding of complex Council matters. I love my Lismore community and surrounding country, its people and cultural life. I have a particular interest in managing our waste and water sustainably, and work hard to ensure that our farmland and environment are secure from overdevelopment.

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Councillor Adam Guise

I have served on Council since 2016 and during this time have been a champion for financial responsibility, planning reform and protecting our precious environment. I’ve lived in Lismore since 1999 and now live on the North Lismore floodplain, farming and regenerating my land. In my day job, I work for NSW Health. I love Lismore and it’s diverse communities and want our future to be happy, healthy and resilient.

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Kashmir Miller

I am a young and energetic Lismore community member, studying Law at SCU.  On Council I will be a voice for the youth of our area, advocating for public transport and enhancing our community’s arts and entertainment sector. I joined the Greens at age 12 in support of their policy of sustainable planning for our future  and grassroots communication.

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Ivy Young

I live with my family near the beautiful village of The Channon, and manage a small business. I love living here and truly value the way our villages and rural areas enrich our region in so many ways. I also understand their issues. I believe that Council can support the prosperity and wellbeing of local people, as well as preserve our natural environment.

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Dr Linda Banbury


I grew up in Lismore, as brought my children up here. As a small business owner, I want to see sustainable development in our area – planning that enhances prosperity and employment, without detracting from the character and natural beauty we so value. I volunteer in several local organisations and play in a band too.

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Shae Salmon

Living on a rural property most of my adult life has given me a love for our region’s natural environment and its vibrant, friendly community. I am a law academic at SCU, and have been actively involved in our community for many years, volunteering with Lismore Theatre Company, River FM, Lock the Gate and Friends of the Koala.

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