Kashmir Miller


I joined The Greens at 12 years old when I began hearing about climate change and how our politicians were not working to protect young people’s future, and I knew I wanted to change this.

10 years later, I can reflect on how lucky I am to have grown up surrounded by people who live and practice Green values. Over the course of my time as a member I have been active in several election campaigns, most recently as a candidate for the Lismore Council. In my community, I have been involved in the Lismore Theatre Company for 14 years, volunteered with Lock the Gate and the annual Lismore Lantern Parade.

This year I will be graduating from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Law with a focus on environmental law, politics and governance. These studies have shown me the importance of tightening environmental protection laws. I have believe in and will fight for a strong net zero emissions policy that is backed by science and includes a just transition for miners.

Parliaments across this country lack diversity and this is most evident in federal sphere. I am a young and enthusiastic woman who can become part of a truly representative democracy. Growing up with a keen eye for politics I have always wanted to see someone who actually represented me. Politics is not easily accessible for people in my generation as our representatives do not reflect our values. We need more representation for young people, LGBTQI+ people and women. I will be a fierce and fearless voice in the face of the conservative politicians that have dominated our region for too long, I am here to shake up the status quo and challenge the existing power structures. Parliament is severely lacking in diversity and I will not sit around and wait for someone to fix it.

This year, I have seen the community I love to much devastated by floods. The government’s action has been abysmal, picking and choosing which electorates to help and which to fend for themselves while still not properly addressing climate change. Like many in my community, I fear what other natural disasters a post-climate change future will bring. I know the importance of having a properly funded health system that can provide healthcare for all, including mental health which is more important now than ever. In Parliament I will be a spanner in the old boys club, unafraid of those who may be older and wealthier than me as I know I have the drive, passion and knowledge to take them head on.