Dr Linda Banbury


Lismore has been my home for 38 years – most of my life. I am committed to Lismore, our people, and our success into the future. This is where I grew up, where I brought up my children, and where I operate my small business.

Environmental activism has been important to me since my teenage years, and I became a Greens supporter in the late 1980s. I became an active member of Lismore Greens in 2016 and have served as Membership Secretary and Secretary.

My working life began as a research scientist in universities and hospitals, then moved on to teaching in unis and high schools. The medicinal properties of plants, particularly Australian natives, became my passion. Currently I run my own tutoring business and gain a lot of satisfaction helping students overcome learning difficulties and achieve success.

I am a musician, keen kayaker and often found in the garden. In the community I support the Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens, Friends of the Koala, Orkeztar Lizmoré, Share the Dignity charity and Landcare.

The most important issues for me are community building and sustainable development. Affordable housing has become a major problem in this area, as has the economic downturn following the 2017 flood, the bushfires and COVID. I will work to enable business investment in Lismore, to enhance prosperity and employment while not detracting from our quality of life or the character and natural beauty we so value. The biggest challenge for our council is how to do more with less, as the State government shifts more costs to local government. It is a priority for Council to join others in pushing for a greater share of state funding.