Shae Salmon

As a fourth-generation North Coast resident and as a member of Lismore Greens for over 14 years, I am aware of the need to nurture and protect our environment and fight for our residents and native creatures’ welfare.

Currently I am Secretary of the Lismore Greens, and have been an Office Bearer twice before. Being a mother of three children, a university academic and an international traveler has given me a broad life experience. Our community is very important and I have been an active participant in the Lantern Parade, Lock the Gate and as a performing member of the Lismore Theatre Company. I am very comfortable with public speaking.

I was a carer with Friends of the Koala for over nine years, so I am especially focused on protecting our precious koalas and their habitat. On Council, I plan to work on proper restraint of dogs in koala areas, especially at night, the desexing and management of domestic and feral cats as well as the important work of expanding wildlife corridors.

I am very aware of the advantages and obstacles of rural life and the special needs that go with living out of town. I will advocate for appropriate services, such as a regular waste service for rural residents.

I look forward to the prospect of representing Lismore people on our Council and will strive to do my best to fulfil the role with diligence and empathy.